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Globe & Anchor Salute Gala 2024

The MCRD Museum Foundation is proud to announce this year's Globe & Anchor Salute Gala will be help on Saturday, 14 September. This year's theme is Night at the Museum! And for the first time ever, the Gala will be held at the MCRD San Diego Command Museum.



MCRD San Diego graduations are open to the public!
Click below to visit the Depot's website to learn more


Grad Photos and Grad Books

The MCRD Museum Foundation maintains a collection of platoon photos, composite photos, and platoon books.


Our Mission

Learn more about our mission to provide an educational setting for Marines & recruits, support the Command, and serve as a bridge to the local community.


Our Programs

The MCRD Command Museum provides free programming to school groups and scouting groups which teach Core Values in a historic setting. We also serve active duty, veterans, and families through outreach programs that strengthen our local community.


Get Involved

Help preserve and perpetuate Marine Corps history. Become a member, volunteer, or donate today. If you enjoy Marine Corps history, you will be forever moved by this experience!


Show Your Pride

Shop for your USMC gear here! All proceeds directly support the Museum and its programs for Marines and veterans.

Our Programs & Impact

Over the past two years, the Museum has expanded its reach by growing and expanding its outreach programs. We think you'll find that we're much more than a cultural institution, but also a cultural home for our Marine Corps family.

The Museum's programs enhance its overall mission to do three things:

1) Educate recruits and Marines
2) Support the recruiting effort, and
3) Serve as a bridge to the community.

Therefore, our program focus areas include education, military/veteran support, and community outreach.

We believe that the phrase "once a Marine, always a Marine" should be more than just a slogan, and put community building at the heart of all of our programs.

For more information or to get involved, please contact us at For the education program/scouting, please contact our Educator, Joan Schwarz-Wetter at (619) 524-6038. Thank you!

The Education Program provides free field trips, classes, and workshops to K-12 students. The program teaches US history, and the Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

Education Program

The Veteran Outreach & Increased Community Engagement (VOICE) Program provides regular opportunities for Marines, veterans, families, and the public to support one another.

Veteran Outreach & Increased Community Engagement

Marines, Sailors, and families stationed on the Depot and WRR maintain a high level of performance in a stressful environment. Depot and WRR Support Programs provide resources and relief to our active duty & families.

Marines, Sailors, and families

The MCRD Museum Reference Center welcomes all researchers.  There is no charge to use the collections. Please contact the historian to make an appointment if you would like to conduct research at the Reference Center.  

MCRD Museum Reference Center

The MCRD Museum offers free resources and opportunities for Boy Scouts. Prospective Eagle Scouts are encouraged to contact the museum with ideas for projects that would benefit both the Scout and the Museum.

Boy Scouts

The MCRD Museum offers free resources and opportunities for Girl Scouts. In addition to guided tours, the MCRD Museum offers three badge or award workshops. Classes and volunteer opportunities are also available.

Girl Scouts